Get a Low Credit Home Loan and Buy a Home!

Don’t Waste Any More Money Renting

For those of you renting, wouldn’t it be nice to put that money toward a new home? Even if you don’t plan on staying in your home for a long time, it makes perfect sense to purchase a home with a low credit home loan and start building equity today.

Fellowship Home Loans is a mortgage company that can help you find the perfect mortgage that is manageable, has a low rate, and is attainable, even if you’re looking for a no credit home loan. We have many loan products to offer you, and we are sure that we can find an excellent loan option based on your unique requirements and current financial situation.

Also, when you don’t have the time to spend on a lengthy mortgage application process and you want to know whether or not you’ll qualify quickly, Fellowship Home Loans can help. We offer a streamlined application process that can provide you with a fast mortgage approval, but we do so in an honest and trustworthy manner.

As mortgage specialists dedicated to following the word of God in our everyday lives and our business, we are always upfront and honest with you about your loan requirements. Even if you don’t have a lot of time and need a quick loan approval, we’ll be sure that you know exactly what you are getting into.

We take everything into account with your home loan

Your credit history and score is just one factor that we consider; we also take into account your debt to income ratio, liquid assets, and household income. As lenders, we also work hard to take your particular life situation into account.  We listen to your story and try to guide you in the right direction.  Our clients have a wide range of different credit scores. If you happen to have a good credit history, you will likely be eligible for one of our high credit score mortgage options.  But even if you don’t you still may be eligible for similar loans with great rates and flexible repayment options.

It’s a very good idea to spend some time building up your liquid assets before applying for one of our low credit mortgage options because your current balances and ongoing deposits will influence your loan eligibility. Any investments that you may have including a retirement account or 401k account are taken into account as well. Your employment history and monthly income are also factored into your situation.

If God has led you toward more employment success and a higher monthly income, it will certainly have a positive impact on your eligibility for a fast mortgage approval. If your debt to income ratio is under 40 percent, you’ll be able to qualify for loans that have lower interest payments and lower down payments.

You may be eligible for a no credit mortgage

Even if you have no credit history, there is a chance that you can be eligible for a no credit mortgage if you have an acceptable payment history. For example, your rental history may end up being a good way to verify your payment history. Paying your utility bills or your student loans on time can also help to build your credit score and history.

Be sure to prepare for a quick mortgage approval process if you need one

If you’re seeking a fast mortgage approval, you’ll want to take the time to prepare for your application and ensure that everything you’ll need is in place. For example, you should build up your liquid assets which include your checking and savings accounts prior to applying for a mortgage. If you can pay down debts prior to your application it is also a good idea, as well as refraining from opening new lines of credit right before you apply.

We’re one of the few lenders that offers quick loan approvals

Whether you want to take your time with your loan application or get it finished as quickly as possible, we’ll accommodate your needs and ensure that you have the quick loan approval that you are seeking. We are one of the few lenders that offers you the flexibility of being able to choose how you want to approach the loan application process, and we’ll always provide you with the most important details about your loan.

As honest lenders, you can trust that we will find you a loan that you will be able to easily manage. Don’t let your lack of a credit history or a low credit score stop you from your dream of owning a home, and be sure to Call Us at 1-800-804-SAVE (7283) or send an email to [email protected]. Get started with our streamlined mortgage application process today and find out what mortgages you may be eligible for!