loan officer

Damien Lefebvre

Sr. Mortgage Banker - NMLS 1255982

    “We believe in helping people first! Everyone works together here, to make a positive impact on the lives of our borrowers.”


    Damien was born and raised in Orange County, California. After high school he went on to Trade School and entered the construction field for a few years, finally settling into the mortgage industry with a desire to make an impact in the consumer’s lives. When the opportunity to join the team at Fellowship Home Loans arose, it was without hesitation that he joined the team that is based on faith and guided by strong principles. Then, to use Damien’s wording: “an opportunity came up to be one of the good guys.”

    At Fellowship we get the great opportunity to take care of people first. Working with a team of likeminded people, driven by similar principles, makes it the perfect environment to achieve the goal of putting the ideal interest of the borrowers, above everything else.

    His client’s satisfaction is of top priority and it brings him great joy to lead his clients to success. While reflecting on the importance of his role in his client’s lives, Damien said “This is one of the largest financial transactions a person will ever have. I like looking out for people and what their long-term goals are. The borrowers’ goals are what my goals are, it’s about taking care of people first, and the loan is secondary to that.”

    Damien has been an active member of his church for well over 10 years, with a heart for working with other men to help build and restore lives in the recovery ministry. He also enjoys spending time with family, and traveling adventures to visit family throughout the country.