loan officer

Matthew Deghi

Sr. Mortgage Banker - NMLS 1528529

“The past sales environments I worked for, people were poaching other people’s work. Here it is completely different, everyone is out to help each other. We carry that sentiment onto the clients.”


Matt found Fellowship as many have, through his community. Hearing through a friend about working in the mortgage sector, and how Fellowship Home Loans was helping change the way of doing business, Matt thought it sounded like a great fit for him and his beliefs. Coming from a career in personal training, it was a major switch, but one that Matt is happy he made.

As a Production Coordinator, Matt helps assess the client’s needs and builds a framework around what they are trying to accomplish. His role is immensely important in supporting the work of the loan officers.

Although Matt liked working in fitness, once he joined Fellowship he didn’t look back. Mostly, he was taken by the supportive work environment of Fellowship and the community that has developed organically amongst his coworkers and their families.

Outside of work, Matt spends a lot of time with friends, going to the beach, and helping out with church activities. As an active member of his church, Matt dedicates as much time as possible to serving his church community. When he wants to express his creative side he enjoys playing guitar.