loan officer

Eric Sylvia

Loan Officer - NMLS 1752356


Eric spent many years as a program management consultant to the Federal government and private industry before coming to the FHL/ICG family. His experience with Fellowship began when he and his wife Beth refinanced a loan with Michael Rakeman as their loan officer. During the course of the loan process, Michael and Eric developed a rapport, and when the opportunity became available, they both welcomed the chance to work together helping other families the way Fellowship had helped Eric & Beth.

Eric now manages the Maryland operations for Fellowship, helping families in the MD/DC/DE areas realize their home ownership dreams or refinance their current debts into more manageable loans.


Fellowship Home Loans offer a wide range of loan services through Fellowship Home Loans including both refinance and purchase options. Refinance services include Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Fixed Rate Loans, FHA and Conventional Financing and HARP loans. Purchase loan services include FHA Financing, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, and Fixed Rate Loans as well as other customized loan options. VA Home Loans and Reverse Mortgages are also available through Fellowship Home Loans.

With several loan choices available, Eric focuses on finding the absolute best option for his clients. He looks for a loan that will be financially manageable and one that will help them accomplish their dream of owning their home or securing a refinance with the terms they want. The application process for each of the loans is simple and straightforward, only requiring basic information to get started.

Each loan is customized for the client, and Eric always spends the necessary time to fully educate his clients so that they understand the terms of their loan. Eric also explains the benefits and disadvantages of every loan that the client will qualify for so that they can make an informed final decision. With a focus on transparency and trustworthiness, Eric’s loan services through Fellowship Home Loans are founded on Biblical principles, and he treats all of his clients as if they were family.