loan officer

Joseph Horton

Loan Officer - NMLS 67715

    “The skills I bring, are being able to talk to everyone and having empathy to their position in the process. I will never forget how nervous I was when I bought my first house.”


    Joseph- Pipeline Manager

    Joseph was initially aiming toward being a teacher, but ended up realizing his love for sales in the interim. He loved dealing with people and the feeling that he was helping out. It was in this first sales position where Joseph met Brian, 13 years ago, marking the beginning of their friendship. Since joining Fellowship, they have become more like family than friends.

    Now, they work together. Joseph appreciates all the growth he has experienced through this connection, and the way that Fellowship connects with their local community.

    “They are helping people. The people we deal with, their personalities are great, helping them and their families out is so nice.”

    Family comes number one in Joseph’s life, and is much of what inspires his hard work at Fellowship. Married with three daughters, the oldest of which is in middle school, he is very active with his wife and family. This only increases his empathy for new homeowners, he remembers the nervousness he felt when purchasing his first home, despite being so well versed in the process.

    “I take pride in helping families that are just like me. I am married with three daughters. Knowing what it was like when I bought my first house, and then passing that along to the people we talk to and deal with. I put myself in their shoes.”


    Joseph is truly a mortgage expert who has become a valuable and trusted adviser for his clients. Joseph relies on his vast experience when advising his clients on their ideal loan options and helping them successfully accomplish their mortgage goals no matter what they are seeking.

    He has also worked with clients from all walks of life and helped thousands of people find the perfect mortgage option. Throughout the years, Joseph has established a reputation for being an honest mortgage professional, and many of his clients have followed him from his prior work experience in the retail mortgage world to Fellowship Home Loans.


    Through Fellowship Home Loans, Joseph offers a wide range of mortgage services including home purchase loans and mortgage refinance loans. Refinance options include the HARP program, Adjustable Rate Loans, Conventional and FHA Financing and Fixed Rate Loans. Purchase loans include Fixed Rate Loans, Adjustable Rate Loans, FHA Financing, and VA Home Loans.

    Joseph analyzes each client’s situation and fully explains the drawbacks and advantages of each loan type. Joseph spends the necessary time to learn about each client’s unique goals and financial situation. He looks at every possible loan option that they are eligible for before advising his clients on what he believes is their absolute ideal choice.

    Joseph takes a customer focused approach to each and every mortgage he finds for his clients. He fully explains the terms of each loan so that clients have a full education and understanding of their obligation to repay and their expected monthly costs during the life of the loan. He encourages his customers to ask questions throughout the process, and he goes the extra mile to make himself available for support.

    The mortgage services that Joseph offers through Fellowship Home Loans are based on the principles of honesty, compassion and love for God. Every client receives the full attention and support that they need as they accomplish their dream of owning a home or their goal of finding a great refinance loan. Joseph always strives to ensure that every client ends up with their ideal home loan with the most competitive cost possible, along with manageable payments.


    "Joe and I spoke when I first called and at that time, it was not feasible to refinance, due to our home value. He followed up a few months later, and that had changed, so we were able to go forward. So glad that he did. Joe was great through the whole process." – Gail O, Clark, NJ

    “My experience with FHL for a refinance on my home was tremendous. They listened and accommodated every need I was trying to achieve through my refi. Very pleasant to work with and explained things in ways you could understand. QUICK turnarounds and I thoroughly enjoyed doing all of the business through email or electronically - loved this aspect. FHL's is all about God first and helping others - a win for all! Thank you FHL for a very pleasant experience. A+” – Shannon R, Baltimore, MD

    “Fellowship Home Loans was amazing! I would highly recommend them to any family or friends. They go out of their way to help their potential customers!” – Dane E - Bastrop, TX

    “Joe was very helpful. Whenever I had questions or concerns he was always available to answer. Using Fellowship Home Loans to refinance gave us peace of mind. Every promise they made concerning the refinancing process, they kept.” – Cynthia A- Lanham, MD