loan officer

Kevin Blaney

Branch Manager - NMLS 43951

    “When I was promoted to be a branch manager, my grandfather said, as long as I respect everyone and treat them honestly and fairly then I will never have a problem… I really put myself in the customers shoes and say: how would I handle this for my family.”


    Kevin grew up in Rockville Centre, near his future coworker Mike. As lifelong friends, they both attended the same middle and high school. Kevin then went to Towson University in Baltimore. He crossed paths with Mike and Brian again not long after graduating, and he has been working with them for over 17 years, now specializing in HECM Reverse Mortgages.

    “I enjoy helping people do something that I have done for myself, so I treat people the way that they would want to be treated. As a home owner, I would want to deal with someone who is trustworthy and honest.”

    With three sons, a daughter and a wife, if Kevin isn’t at Fellowship he is likely spending time with his family, playing golf or watching lacrosse. He values the time with his family and community most of all.

    “I really put myself in the customers shoes and say: How would I handle this for my family? I like helping people achieve a goal and respecting them through the process.”

    Kevin had close role models within his family that helped carve out the direction he decided to pursue. His brother, a graduate of the US Naval Academy, had a strong influence over Kevin. Their grandfather, who also had a military background, modeled a lifestyle that was both regimented and goal-oriented, two aspirations Kevin incorporates into his life today.

    “When I was promoted to be a branch manager, my grandfather said, as long as I respect everyone and treat them honestly and fairly then I will never have a problem in this business.”

    Fellowship Home Loans, as a family environment, maintains a relationship in the office that is tight knit, like a family, and they extend that feeling to their clients as well. As long as you are a homeowner, we want you to feel free to reach out to us for any advice, questions, or concerns.


    Kevin is truly a mortgage expert who has become a valuable and trusted adviser for his clients. Kevin relies on his vast experience when advising his clients on their ideal loan options and helping them successfully accomplish their mortgage goals no matter what they are seeking.

    He has also worked with clients from all walks of life and helped thousands of people find the perfect mortgage option. Throughout the years, Kevin has established a reputation for being an honest mortgage professional, and many of his clients have followed him from his prior work experience in the retail mortgage world to Fellowship Home Loans.


    Through Fellowship Home Loans, Kevin offers a wide range of mortgage services including home purchase loans and mortgage refinance loans. Refinance options include the HARP program, Adjustable Rate Loans, Conventional and FHA Financing and Fixed Rate Loans. Purchase loans include Fixed Rate Loans, Adjustable Rate Loans, FHA Financing, and VA Home Loans.

    Kevin analyzes each client’s situation and fully explains the drawbacks and advantages of each loan type. Kevin spends the necessary time to learn about each client’s unique goals and financial situation. He looks at every possible loan option that they are eligible for before advising his clients on what he believes is their absolute ideal choice.

    Kevin takes a customer focused approach to each and every mortgage he finds for his clients. He fully explains the terms of each loan so that clients have a full education and understanding of their obligation to repay and their expected monthly costs during the life of the loan. He encourages his customers to ask questions throughout the process, and he goes the extra mile to make himself available for support.

    The mortgage services that Kevin offers through Fellowship Home Loans are based on the principles of honesty, compassion and love for God. Every client receives the full attention and support that they need as they accomplish their dream of owning a home or their goal of finding a great refinance loan. Kevin always strives to ensure that every client ends up with their ideal home loan with the most competitive cost possible, along with manageable payments.


    “My choice was simple. I wanted to support a Christian organization. I contacted Fellowship home loans and not only was I able to support a Christian company they had the most competitive rate, favorable closing costs and got my loan closed faster than any other mortgage I have even done. Thank you Mike, Brian and the Fellowship team!” – John D, Bowie, MD

    “I heard Fellowship Home on the radio and I wasn’t expecting they would be able to help me lower my rate because my current bank couldn’t do anything. I was shocked when they said they could do the loan AND pay off some of my credit cards as well. I was waiting for something to go wrong with the process because of my past experiences with mortgage companies but they did everything they said they would do. Simply amazing!” – Camille M, Upper Marlboro, MD