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Marshall Clark

Sr. Mortgage Banker

NMLS 1561075

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    “I love being able to connect and have a conversation with people about the biggest investment of their lives.”


    Marshall is from California, and joined Fellowship with 8 years of experience working in high-end residential real estate. He initially stepped away from the industry to start a family and has eased back in to work at Fellowship. Once again the community answered the faith of everyone when a mutual friend connected Marshall with Fellowship, knowing he would enjoy working here.

    As a real people person, Marshall loves the social aspect of the job and that the community in the office is very complimentary toward learning and growth. Being a team player has made it easy for him to fit into office culture and continue the Fellowship mission to provide and help the community with mortgages and loans.

    While Marshall was talking about being back in the industry he said “Our office functions as a tight-knit unit. The leadership is top notch and I feel very comfortable in my position here because I have support from all sides.”

    When not at work, Marshall spends time with his wife and young daughter. They like to go to Disneyland and the beach, and spend a lot of time being active in their church community. Marshall is in the children’s ministry at his own church and his wife sings in the worship. Like any true Californian, Marshall is also a surfer and tries to hit the waves every weekend.

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