loan officer

Michael Rakeman

Branch Manager - NMLS 40481

    Michael Rakeman has over 10 years experience in Mortgage banking.


    If you’ve been in touch with Fellowship Home Loans, then you’re no doubt familiar with Mike. Growing up in Rockville Center, NY, Mike began working toward a career in mortgages early by attending college for finance and economics. After graduating, his first job was for a retail mortgage bank, where he helped originate mortgage loans.

    Once he started working, he realized quickly the impact and potential of mortgages to change people’s lives. Finding satisfaction in helping people, Mike began to explore how he could take mortgages a step further, and bring it closer to his vision of what they could be.

    “With Fellowship, I was motivated to begin a new undertaking where we could put customers needs first. Having the ability to impact people’s lives is so rewarding,” said Mike in an interview.

    Through what Mike learned, he noticed a few things that he wished to do differently. The customer’s needs always came second to profit, but Mike knew there had to be a different way. This critical attention to the value of the customer’s experience is what lies behind his work ethic every day.

    Mike and Brian crossed paths in 2003 when they were first working at a retail bank. They learned that they had played against one another in their church’s youth basketball league. Ironically enough, they were raised no more than ten minutes away from one another on Long Island. Sharing the same interests and values, and coming from the same community made the rest easy; there was an instant friendship and fellowship.

    “When I started out, I barely knew what a mortgage was. Now, more people are learning about Fellowship. I often hear, ‘I wish I knew about you when I bought my house,’ which is why we are starting a campaign to take this to a national scale,” added Mike.


    With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Mike Rakeman is truly a mortgage expert who has become a valuable and trusted adviser for his clients. Mike relies on his vast experience when advising his clients on their ideal loan options and helping them successfully accomplish their mortgage goals no matter what they are seeking.

    He has also worked with clients from all walks of life and helped thousands of people find the perfect mortgage option. Throughout the years, Mike has established a reputation for being an honest mortgage professional, and many of his clients have followed him from his prior work experience in the retail mortgage world to Fellowship Home Loans.


    Fellowship Home Loans offer a wide range of loan services through Fellowship Home Loans including both refinance and purchase options. Refinance services include Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Fixed Rate Loans, FHA and Conventional Financing and HARP loans. Purchase loan services include FHA Financing, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, and Fixed Rate Loans as well as other customized loan options. VA Home Loans and Reverse Mortgages are also available through Fellowship Home Loans.

    With several loan choices available, Mike focuses on finding the absolute ideal option for his clients. He looks for a loan that will be financially manageable and one that will help them accomplish their dream of owning their home or securing a refinance with the terms they want. The application process for each of the loans is simple and straightforward, only requiring basic information to get started.

    Each loan is customized for the client, and Mike always spends the necessary time to fully educate his clients so that they understand the terms of their loan. Mike also explains the benefits and disadvantages of every loan that the client will qualify for so that they can make an informed final decision. With a focus on transparency and trustworthiness, Mike’s loan services through Fellowship Home Loans are founded on Biblical principles, and he treats all of his clients as if they were family.


    "He was very patient always calling me to answer any and all of my questions and concerned. I am truly happy with his service. He was very professional and I will always recommend Fellowship Home Loans to everybody who asks me. This experience was 100% better then my first experience with the bank at time of purchase and the other loan company that I tried my refinancing with." – Lydia R - Stewartsville, NJ

    “Fellowship Home Loans blessed our family in a tremendous way. We had been trying to refinance for a while and basically had given up. Mike and his team walked us through a quick and painless process. They displayed integrity from start to finish. This company truly has a heart to serve people.” – Wanda L - Temple Hills, MD

    “It was a very easy process and Michael knew exactly what he was doing and all the paperwork needed to make for a smooth transition. He was readily available to answer any question my husband or I had. This is truly a great company and I would continue to recommend them to all my friends and family looking for a home loan.” – Cathy H - High Bridge, NJ

    “I really enjoyed my experience with Fellowship Home Loans team. Mike was great and was always available to address our clarifications and guide us thru the process. I highly recommend FHL.” – Ronald G

    "I had an overall great experience with FHL through Mike Rakeman. I not only refinanced my home loan, but with Mike's assistance I was able to combine my 1st and 2nd mortgages, pay off several high interest credit cards and still was able to pull out money for home improvements. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend FHL (and Mike Rakeman) to anyone who is considering getting a home loan or refi." – Steve D - Bellflower, CA