loan officer

Robert Jones

Loan Officer - NMLS 1396652

"I feel that I am able to really help others in their journey to purchase a home and not like I’m here just to work…”


Rob attended SUNY New Paltz, studying business management and finance. This field of study along with his background in sales set him up for a successful career at Fellowship Home Loans.

Before Fellowship, Rob worked as a salesman. From in-house sales to door to door, Rob learned a lot of valuable skills to enable him to communicate easily and efficiently to the public. Having this skill set makes communicating with his clients easier so that they will feel comfortable coming to him for help in purchasing their homes.

With three years in real estate, Rob is proud to have worked at Fellowship for a year and a half of that time. When asked what his favorite part of working there, his answer was simple, “The atmosphere of the office, the comradery of the staff, and having the ability to help people. I feel that I am able to really help others in their journey to purchase a home and not like I’m here just to work…”

Providing many services, Rob prides himself on not being a “cookie-cutter” agent. He wants to walk his clients through the process of the home buying/lending process. He feels that he can help everyone, be it financing a home now, or helping show you how to make that possible in the future.

In a typical work day, Rob can be found in the office around 9 o’clock in the morning. During the early hours of the day emails are read and responded to if needed, documents organized and filed, and leading into the afternoon and evenings he spends time calling and communicating with current and new clients.

As a self-proclaimed family man, Rob enjoys spending his off time with his family, especially his nieces and nephews. He enjoys the occasional football game on the weekend, and generally staying active. As a perk, Rob works with many people from his time in University which makes spending time at work fun.

Rob enjoys spending time with and helping kids of all walks of life. Every summer, he volunteers at his hometown YMCA setting up an obstacle course for the youngsters. He feels it is important to give back to the community and that there is no better way to do so than through its children.


Fellowship Home Loans offer a wide range of loan services through Fellowship Home Loans including both refinance and purchase options. Refinance services include Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Fixed Rate Loans, FHA and Conventional Financing and HARP loans. Purchase loan services include FHA Financing, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, and Fixed Rate Loans as well as other customized loan options. VA Home Loans and Reverse Mortgages are also available through Fellowship Home Loans.

With several loan choices available, Robert focuses on finding the absolute best option for his clients. He looks for a loan that will be financially manageable and one that will help them accomplish their dream of owning their home or securing a refinance with the terms they want. The application process for each of the loans is simple and straightforward, only requiring basic information to get started.

Each loan is customized for the client, and Robert always spends the necessary time to fully educate his clients so that they understand the terms of their loan. Robert also explains the benefits and disadvantages of every loan that the client will qualify for so that they can make an informed final decision. With a focus on transparency and trustworthiness, Robert’s loan services through Fellowship Home Loans are founded on Biblical principles, and he treats all of his clients as if they were family.