loan officer

William McCutchan

Loan Officer - NMLS 673188

    “Turn times are a big deal in the industry, and we are able to move significantly faster than a larger bank. Our availability to get answers to someone’s question, and the turn times to get a loan are much quicker here.”


    William works as a loan officer at Fellowship Home Loans. Growing up with Mike and Brian, in the same neighborhood, he has been lifelong friends with them, before beginning to work at Fellowship in 2014.

    Prior to Fellowship, William was a real estate appraiser, before moving over to the mortgage side of the market in 2010. He served as a loan officer for Sterling National Bank until deciding to switch to Fellowship. He has not regretted that decision in the least:

    “Here, it is a family atmosphere as opposed to coworkers. Everyone genuinely cares about each other. Turn times are a big deal in the industry, and we are able to move significantly faster than a larger bank. Our availability to get answers to someone’s question, and the turn times to get a loan are much quicker here.”

    William brought with him significant knowledge of the industry and the products and programs available to homeowners. Knowing it can be a risky process, he believes education is the first step to directing homeowners to their ideal option:

    “Refinance and purchase programs are my most knowledgeable area. I have knowledge of the product and the programs, I have good communication skills with clients, I try to educate them well on the process. Everything is heavily regulated by the government so, by doing the continuing education programs we stay up to date on all the guidelines and regulations.”

    Attending his neighborhood church regularly, William spends most of his free time with his family- which includes three young children. He also likes to play and watch baseball, basketball, and golf.


    William is truly a mortgage expert who has become a valuable and trusted adviser for his clients. William relies on his vast experience when advising his clients on their ideal loan options and helping them successfully accomplish their mortgage goals no matter what they are seeking.

    He has also worked with clients from all walks of life and helped thousands of people find the perfect mortgage option. Throughout the years, William has established a reputation for being an honest mortgage professional, and many of his clients have followed him from his prior work experience in the retail mortgage world to Fellowship Home Loans.


    Through Fellowship Home Loans, William offers a wide range of mortgage services including home purchase loans and mortgage refinance loans. Refinance options include the HARP program, Adjustable Rate Loans, Conventional and FHA Financing and Fixed Rate Loans. Purchase loans include Fixed Rate Loans, Adjustable Rate Loans, FHA Financing, and VA Home Loans.

    William analyzes each client’s situation and fully explains the drawbacks and advantages of each loan type. William spends the necessary time to learn about each client’s unique goals and financial situation. He looks at every possible loan option that they are eligible for before advising his clients on what he believes is their absolute ideal choice.

    William takes a customer focused approach to each and every mortgage he finds for his clients. He fully explains the terms of each loan so that clients have a full education and understanding of their obligation to repay and their expected monthly costs during the life of the loan. He encourages his customers to ask questions throughout the process, and he goes the extra mile to make himself available for support.

    The mortgage services that William offers through Fellowship Home Loans are based on the principles of honesty, compassion and love for God. Every client receives the full attention and support that they need as they accomplish their dream of owning a home or their goal of finding a great refinance loan. William always strives to ensure that every client ends up with their ideal home loan with the most competitive cost possible, along with manageable payments.


    “William understood our need and is very knowledgeable of the mortgage product. He walked us through the challenges that we had and kept us informed all the way. I have to say that he worked hard to get us through the process and we were very satisfied at the end.” – Anna G

    “I heard Fellowship Home on the radio and I wasn’t expecting they would be able to help me lower my rate because my current bank couldn’t do anything. I was shocked when they said they could do the loan AND pay off some of my credit cards as well. I was waiting for something to go wrong with the process because of my past experiences with mortgage companies but they did everything they said they would do. Simply amazing!” – Camille M, Upper Marlboro, MD