Low Home Loan Rates at Fellowship Home Loans

Fellowship Home Loans is a leading mortgage company with low home loan rates. We do everything that we can in order to help you get the best mortgage terms possible, and we offer some of the top mortgage rates in our industry.

As honest lenders that are dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs, we always intend to make your loan as manageable as possible. When you apply for a home loan with us, you’ll have the best chance to get the flexible mortgage terms and low mortgage rates that you are looking for.

Your credit score is one piece of the puzzle for a bargain home loan

Your credit score is one of the important pieces of the puzzle in terms of qualifying for low home loan rates, but there are other factors that we consider as well. Although you might be concerned about your credit score, we also consider your household income, debt to income ratio and other factors that are more in your control. You may still be eligible for cheap home loan rates even if you have a credit score that is in the low 600’s, so be sure to contact us even if that is the case.

FHA loans may be an option if you can’t afford a 10-20 percent down payment

As a home loan expert, one option we offer is FHA loans, or loans that are insured by the Federal Housing Administration. FHA loans often have low mortgage rates and more flexible qualification requirements, and they can be available to you with a score as low as 580. With these loans we’re able to get you cheap home loan rates and a low down payment even if your credit history is less than perfect, so be sure to contact us to learn more about these loans.

Adjustable rate mortgages may be an option as well

Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) often have cheap home loan rates or lower introductory rates that can be set for 1 to 10 years depending on the type of loan. After this period of time, your payments may increase or decrease depending on the interest rates at the time. There is also a cap on the rates that can be charged to our clients so that you will never need to pay more than our predetermined prices. An ARM is a good option if you don’t plan on staying in your home for more than about five years. The lower rate with the introductory period can be a great way to save a little extra money, and our ARM loans are one of the primary ways that we offer cheap mortgage rates to our clients.

A fixed rate mortgage may provide you with a low mortgage rate  

We also offer fixed rate mortgages as well for more stability and fixed payments throughout the life of the loan. Fixed rate loans allow you to get more control over how you pay your loan back, although they may cost you more money in the long term. You can often get lower mortgage rates with a fixed rate mortgage which offer a greater incentive for you to go with this option. Fixed rate mortgages are often a good option for you if you plan on staying in your home for several years. In any case, we’ll give you advice on what we think are the best bargain mortgage options for your particular needs.

We’re here to help you find a bargain mortgage

At Fellowship Home Loans, we are focused on helping our clients find suitable mortgages by spending the time necessary to save them the most money possible. If you’re looking for a bargain home loan, you’ll benefit from being able to apply for several different types of loans with us, many of which offer top mortgage rates.

Even if you don’t believe that you will qualify for cheap mortgage rates, you should contact us today and meet with our mortgage specialists to see what you might be eligible for. You may be surprised at the rates and the loans that you can qualify for. There are also several different types of government-funded assistance programs that we can let you know about.

Personalized guidance for finding low mortgage rates

As honest home loan experts, we offer you personalized guidance to help you throughout the entire process. We help you find top home loan rates because we truly want you to save as much money as possible and provide you with the perfect mortgage option that will fit comfortably into your life. Call us today at 1-800-804-SAVE or email [email protected] for more information about our home loan application process!