Our First 2016 Sweepstakes Winner!


We are so proud to announce the first winner of our popular Home Loans Mortgage Sweepstakes. Winners of this sweepstakes will have their home loan paid for four whole months! The first winner was Debra A., who was contacted and informed the amazing news last week. It was recorded on air and you can listen to it below.

“Good thing I’m not driving!” she said with excitement, after being informed she was the winner.
How is that going to help you?
“It will help us just to get on track, just to really be diligent with everything that God has given us, and to help people. Sometimes I think, if I had money, I would help. I know people, because I work at a Christian school, and I know people whose husband has just passed away. And I say, if I had money I could help them. I know now what I can do.”

Debra is so happy to be able to catch up on bills, but also to be able to bless those in her life that she has desired to help.

“Just three months ago, I told the Lord, if I had the money I would just pay for the things that they need. One of them, I know that they are going to be evicted, they got a small storage, her car broke down, and then someone else came along and blessed her with a car. But that was the time when I said: if I had the money I would do this for them. I know there’s things that they really need like groceries, and gas in the car.”

“What a heart you have,” said the announcer.

About fellowship loans, “We worked with Mike and he was so reputable, he knew his job and was personable. We interacted about family, they fish and my husband fishes. Everything that he said would happen went right through with no problem. We were really pleased that everything went well so fast.”

Debra had a wonderful experience with Fellowship Home Loans, and now has the opportunity to pay it forward and help others in need. Continuing the cycle of giving and support is what we are about.

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