Why Pastors Love Us

Now that the winter holidays have wrapped up (pun intended), many families come together in January and plan their finances for the next year.  Pastors, in particular, have a hard time with financing major purchases like a home due to the complexity of their income. Not many know this but pastors have to deal with more stress than most when doing their taxes because their profession allots them a particular set of deductions that most loan companies don’t take into consideration when scanning for eligibility. This means a pastor and his family might have to wait longer to purchase or rent the home they want, as the income calculation a loan company would generally use doesn’t account for the specifics of these deductions.

But we know this and we want to support our faith-based community. When we developed our loan process we wanted to acknowledge these deductions, helping pastors get better, and quicker help. Fellowship sees this yet another opportunity to acknowledge the great contribution pastors have on a Christian community, and how being able to purchase or rent a home is not just an investment in property but an investment in that community, its church and its future. With a new year ahead, remember Fellowship can help you or any others (especially pastors) you may know with achieving your dreams. Just call us and we can tell you more about how we can help.

“As a Christian Evangelist and a Veteran I struggled finding a mortgage company who understood the complexities of both. I knew it would be a challenge finding a company that understood clergy pay structures but I also learned that just because a bank says they do VA Loans doesn’t mean they understand how to do VA Loans.

Michael Ekert and the entire team at Fellowship Home Loans proved they know BOTH and they know them well. After wasting 2 weeks with my local bank I called Fellowship Home Loans hoping for the best. Mike called back quickly, listened to my story and said he was confident they could do a VA Refinance on my non-conventional loan with no problem.

19 Days Later we were closing on our home!!! Fellowship Home Loans knew how to handle Christian Clergy pay and it’s complex housing allowance pay plan. They knew what the VA expected and they quickly and clearly communicated with me throughout the process. To say my wife and I are pleased is a huge understatement!!

They are now doing a first time home purchase for our son. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE BUT ESPECIALLY TO CLERGY, EVANGELISTS OR ANYONE ELSE WITH A SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCE. Thank you Michael Ekert and the.entire team at Fellowship Home Loans!! – The McKnight’s of Arkansas”        – Brian McKnight


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