Buying a Home in 2017? Choose an Honest Lender

buying a home in 2017 3 - Buying a Home in 2017? Choose an Honest Lender

If your goal is to purchase a home in 2017, it is still an excellent time to lock in a great deal on a mortgage. Interest rates are expected to slowly rise in the next few years, however throughout 2017 they will remain close to historic lows.

Home inventories are also starting to decrease in several cities as younger demographics start to purchase their first homes. This means that that although it remains a buyer’s market in many areas, home prices will likely rise over the next few years as demand grows.

Although these economic factors make it a good time to purchase a home for many people, choosing the right lender is a big step in the process.

Pick a lender that will be honest and shares your values

With so many lenders operating on a profit-first basis, it can be hard to find one that you can trust with the important job of matching you with the right home loan. Working with an honest lender has many benefits compared to most. Honest lenders share your values, are honest with you throughout the entire process and will prioritize your needs above all else.

A lender such as Fellowship Home Loans will guarantee that you are matched with a financially manageable home loan. This means that all of the most important details about your loan will be explained and disclosed to you upfront. Your fees and closing costs will be kept as low as possible, and we will ensure that your loan will not result in financial hardship down the road.

The benefits and disadvantages of each loan option will be discussed

The benefits and drawbacks of each loan option that you qualify for will be discussed in detail. You’ll be matched with a loan that works for your unique needs so that you can properly plan for the future. We let our clients know about the full potential downsides of any loan that they may be considering. As a responsible lender, we never want to see any of our clients enter into a financial agreement where they may be blindsided by higher than expected costs in the short term or future.

A lender will work hard to find you the right loan

You may be eligible for several different types of loans, but we take the extra time and effort to match you with the perfect option, with your needs as our main concern. With a focus on client service, we keep you informed throughout the process. You’ll get frequent updates on the progress of your application, and all of your questions will be answered in detail.

There’s nothing like working with a reliable lender like Fellowship Home Loans when it comes to one of the most important purchases of your life. With 2017 still being one of the ideal opportunities to purchase a home at close to historically low interest rates, now may be the time to upgrade or make the leap into home ownership for the first time.

Call Fellowship Home Loans as you plan your 2017 home purchase

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