Individuals who serve in the United States military and work to protect the country and its citizens sacrifice a great deal. They spend time away from their family, work around the clock (often in horrendous conditions), and risk their lives regularly.

To give back to these individuals, the US Department of Veteran Affairs has developed the VA home loans program, a program designed to make home ownership more affordable. This VA home loans guarantee program may be used to buy or build a home, repair an existing one, retain a home, or adapt it for personal occupancy. Private lenders provide these loans while the VA guarantees a percentage of the loan, allowing the borrower to obtain more favorable terms.

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The Benefits Of VA Loans

  • Veterans, military members, and surviving spouses of veterans qualify for VA loans
  • Fast approval and minimal red tape
  • VA loans may be used for purchasing a home or refinancing an existing residence
  • There is no down payment required with a loan of this type
  • The interest rates are extremely competitive
  • No private mortgage insurance is required
  • The loan may be used for other purposes, such as paying off debt or funding education