Buying a new home or refinancing an existing one is a significant moment in your life.

A lot of money is involved, and you’re defining your future. You deserve lenders that you know will have your ideal interest at heart and will put your needs first. We put our principles before profits.

At Fellowship Home Loans, we strive to lead with shared core values and fulfill your needs first, before the idea of a sale is even considered. Only then do we offer the ideal possible solution for your purchase or refinancing.

As Mortgage Lenders we always put the client’s needs first…

We recognize that finding a lender who truly embodies these  values and ‘walks their talk’ can be a challenge. We always put the client’s needs first, and would never take advantage in any way.

We work to keep fees reasonable and ensure you understand exactly what you are taking on when purchasing your home or refinancing. We ensure the purchase won’t create financial hardship by taking numerous factors into account.

It’s our job to ensure you understand every step of the process and every option available to you along the way. If you’re not comfortable with the process and feeling informed, then we’re not doing our job. We value our relationship and your success borrowing over anything else.