Home Improvements for Better Home Value

Maintaining your home in good condition and making some changes can add some value to your home. Certain projects can be costly and end up not adding any value to your home when home improvement choices are poorly made. Whether you are getting ready to put your home up for sale or simply just want to improve your house, there are several ways to go about it.

Here is a guide that will help you decide which home improvements will ideal suit your budget and add to your home value:

Maintenance and Repairs:

If you are planning to sell your home one day, then it is important not to neglect necessary maintenance inside and around your home. Not taking care of your home all year-long can lead to bigger maintenance problems that might be difficult to get rid of during the homes life-cycle. Water can cause major problems to a home if there is water leakage, therefore keeping an eye on your pipes and making sure they are properly sealed is a small investment that will avoid water damage that can lead to mold. Your roof should be seen to that it is not leaking and that the water runoff through the gutter is running smoothly. If the lifecycle of your roof is coming to an end, then considering an eco-friendly roof is a good choice that will improve the value of your home, because these kinds of roof tiles tend to be more durable and more energy-efficient. Making sure that your home is not leaking energy through doors and windows are another investment that will not only save you on energy bills but at the end, it will help sell your home as an energy-efficient home.


If your home already has a couple of years behind it, certain home additions might be out of date causing your home to be less energy-efficient which leads to a lower home value. Making some upgrades where it pays in energy-saving can add great value to your home. Firstly, consider replacing those systems that are not functioning well. In your bathroom, you can consider changing your toilet with a dual flush and the shower head and taps with newer versions that save more water. Many older homes were built with single paned windows and without any insulation in the attic, roof, walls or floors. Adding insulation where it is needed and replacing old windows with doubled paned ones will appeal more to today’s home buyers that are becoming more conscious of eco-friendliness. If your air conditioning is old and is in for constant repair it might be a smarter move to throw it out and invest in a solar air conditioner. Even solar water heaters are on the market which can be very appealing to new home buyers.

Adding something new:

If you feel that your home is lacking space or not looking modern enough then the ideal option would be to consult with a real estate agent first to make sure whether your home really needs that extra room or carpet replacement. Kitchens are considered the heart of the home, therefore it is a good idea to make sure that your kitchen is looking stylish and that the appliances are up to date. Well, functioning bathrooms are another part of the home  important to home buyers. Upgrading your bathroom is a good idea, if your budget allows it. Everyone can do with functional storage space, therefore adding some extra closets will help you keep your own things in order and will not turn away those potential buyers one day. Do not add additions to your home just to increase the value if you are not truly going to benefit from it yourself. For example, if you truly do not find good use of a swimming pool then no need to add one as many home buyers do not see them as a plus themselves. Making sure your home is looking good with a simple paint job and a well-maintained lawn might be enough to lure potential buyers to your home.  

Green Investments:

Solar panels, food gardens, and water harvesting systems can be huge investments to your home. People are becoming more conscious of the green movement and governments are even giving funds if you are investing in certain green home improvements, therefore adding some eco-friendly improvements to your home can be a long-term investment for yourself and they add great value to your home. Solar panels pay for themselves over the long run and who wouldn’t want to buy a house where most of the electricity is free. Water harvesting systems or even tanks (which are less expensive) can save a lot on the water bills and they too add value to homes. There are many green options out there that are becoming trends very fast. Soon many new homes will be built greener, therefore it is worth looking into what options will suit your home to make sure your home does not get left behind in value.

Home improvements can help your home look and feel more attractive. They can become part of an investment or add to your home’s resale value. To get the ideal value for your home, you should consider what return you would like to get out of the improvements.

Chris is a writer and editor for Arizona Roofing Systems in Mesa. He promotes green home improvement and solar energy use.

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