Home Sweet Home

As life returns to “normal” or at least a reasonable facsimile, we are reminded of things that carried us through the storm, also known as COVID 19, friends, family, and faith. Our hearts are restored as we reflect on the friends new and old who reached out with encouraging words and a positive outlook. For family, no matter the apparent darkness, they were a constant bright light shining. Finally, for a faith that even though clouds were covering the sun, they did not extinguish the warmth directly behind. So as we enter into this new dawn, we offer these words of hope:

You are never alone

These days of the internet, texting, cell phones, and rapid communication the phrase, “reach out and touch some-one” has never been more true. When you find yourself in a place where hope seems slim, recall those who care and send a note, make a call or offer a prayer. Take time to rest, reflect and think of those you call friends and family; drop a line to see if there is a need. We’re in this together, and together, we will prevail.

Be a source of strength

It is said, “people care less about how much you know until they know how much you care.” Likewise, we feel people are concerned less about how much you care until they know you understand. Rarely are those in despair looking for pity; instead, they often seek empathy and compassion. Take the time to hear, not just listen, to those with needs and only offer information to encourage, enlighten or enhance their journey.

It’s only temporary

We have all been in valleys so low there appeared to be no way out. But, that depth was likely surrounded by mountains intended for you to climb. The beauty of climbing those high hills is arriving at the top to look back and appreciate the beauty of the climb. So, take the time to understand while at the moment clarity seems hopeless; it’s waiting at the peak.

We pray for the peace that passes understanding, the wisdom that defies logic, and the hope for the abundance promised as we all make our way home!

“Welcome Home”

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