Let the Breezes Blow!

Old man, winter is knocking on the door! He’s already forced his way in around the country. So before the breezes blast, it’s time to winterize your home to ensure a nice toasty holiday season. Here are a few tips to be winter-ready.

  • Caulk or weatherstrip around doors or windows
  • Secure all storm doors and windows, checking for drafts
  •  Make sure your attic is fully insulated
  •  Pet doors and mail slots can let in old man winter (towels are good to keep the cold out)
  •  It’s preferable to keep pets indoors, but if not possible, provide a warm space
  •  Heavy curtains are helpful on those cool nights
  •  A chimney inspection is wise; it helps Santa and can keep you toasty
  •  Area rugs on wood and tile floors provide a warmer walkway
  •  Have all HVAC systems checked and change needed filters
  • Trim trees from around windows to make sure the winter winds don’t bring them indoors
  • Remove all exterior water hoses, drain them before you put them away
  • Wrap exposed pipes
  • Bring in plants
  • Clean gutters and downspouts so the ice has nothing to clog
  • Check all fire and CO2 detectors
  • Keep driveways and walkways free of snow and ice

Be weather aware and prepared. Offer to assist older neighbors and check on them often as challenges are plenty during the winter season.

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Finally, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas from the Fellowship Home Loans family!

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