Letter to Mike and Brian

As most of you know, we announced our latest Mortgage Sweepstakes winner recently. It’s truly a blessing to help our neighbors with a promotion like our mortgage payment sweepstakes. Terry wrote one of the nicest letters to us, we felt we HAD to share it with you. It goes to show that Mortgage Lending is not just about getting you great rates and providing good customer service. It is about truly serving our Lord by giving of ourselves to others. See what Terry had to say below:
Dear Brian and Mike:

What an absolute miracle today was! First of all it was such a pleasure meeting both of you. There is no doubt in mind at all that you both are men of faith. Your sense of God shines through in every word you say and every action you take. Like the Amy Grant song goes “You have your Father’s eyes.” Thank you for making that meeting so special for my daughters and me. I’m still having a hard time processing this whole thing! I can’t stop smiling!! I mean……… I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER, won anything! I kept asking Linda……. “Why me?? There truly must be someone else more deserving than I???”

And honestly, before this week I knew nothing about this. She never told me she entered me in this contest until she called me Monday (still at work) and told me to sit down! I went into shock! Good shock though I assure you!!! (She truly is my angel sent from heaven)………

So I hope the interview I did on the radio was OK………… Not a lot of time to prepare! Thought of so much more I could have said after I hung up. lol

As I mentioned, being a 3rd stage cancer survivor, I am all too aware that every day I have is a gift. And any good I can do for anyone each day, no matter how insignificant it may seem, I try to do……… I only have today. I know that my cancer could have very easily gone the “other way”……But God kept me here for a reason……. I need to honor Him, thank Him, and give back in every way I can.
So I would like to reassure you that I will not be selfish with this tremendous gift of today and will share with those I love and with those who need help.

God is good ……… All the Time……….!!! Amen!!!

And if there is a way that you can suggest that I can get my music “out there” to share, I’d be all too willing to try. (people have been telling me to do this for years)…….. I’ve been praying for an outlet for so long. I just didn’t know how to even start……….. Maybe you answered another prayer today as well.

Thank you again from every ounce of faith I have and from the bottom of my grateful heart. I feel so truly blessed, and that seem like such an understatement!

If I’m going to refinance again, you will be the first ones I call! Since I took over the house 10 years ago (after my husband left me) I refinanced several times just to reduce the monthly payment to make it more and more affordable and not break me. I understand the whole 15 vs 30 year mortgage payment thing (reducing interest etc), but my goal was to keep as much expendable cash on hand every month as possible. I was raising 3 girls by myself. These checks today will go so far to helping me stay afloat!

Thank you sooooo much again for everything………… Your office staff is fantastic! I wish I lived in Long Island……….. I’d come work for you!!! I think I’d stay on my feet though! Worker’s comp is a killer! lol I truly hope our paths cross again. God bless you both for all you do

Have fun skiing Mike! Stay safe and on two feet!



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