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So much of what we do here at Fellowship Home Loans is focused on helping. We see our role in the world as mission to help people live a better life. We see the home as being the central point for making that happen. When people receive a raw deal from big banks who mislead or misinform, we want to be there to help. Finances is frequently cited as the biggest stress factor in life. We believe that helping people achieving financial freedom will mean better lives. There’s nothing better in our work when we get happy testimonials from customers.

Jess from Maryland recently got back to us about his experience with us:

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for your assistance in securing the refinance for us. Over the past 40 years, I have bought and/or sold 7 houses and dealt with lots of closings. The process with FH loans was the most efficient, stress-free, and a pleasant experience. It was so seem-less I never experienced any anxiety or worry. Your assistance was awesome. Praise be to God for making me to switch over to WAVA (from a news station I was listening to at that time) so that I heard your advertisement and also to the Sprit for making by to act on it instead of either procrastinating or saying to myself, “nah..it wont work”. Once I made the first phone call, I had complete faith that this will go thru. So I am grateful to my Savior for this endeavor.

Once again on behalf of my better half, my thanks to you. May God bless and you and continue to use as a vehicle to help others.”

Our faith is what wakes us up and gets us moving in the morning. It’s what drives us to help others. But its people like Jess that really make us excited about what we do. We’re not just selling home loans, we are helping people achieve their vision of a good life.

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