Warm Words on Our Home Loans

We are still beaming with love and gratitude from the Fellowship Home Loans Sweepstakes, and now our smile is even bigger thanks to Kim and this beautiful letter she sent us. Receiving letters filled with warmth and care make everything we do worth it. Here is what Kim had to say:

“Hi, Brian. I wanted to thank you for helping us work to become more financially responsible. I had looked into refinancing before and was told there was really nothing we could do. When I contacted Fellowship Home Loans, I had no thought that our two mortgages could possibly be rolled into one and that we would end up saving almost $400 a month! This is close to what we were paying for the second mortgage! I know that God certainly had His hand in this entire process. Thank you for your help, patience, and for the work that you do. You are an instrument of God’s grace. May he keep you and bless you.”

May he keep and bless you, Kim!

What makes us feel the greatest is helping people. We want to show and teach you what we have learned in regards to financial responsibility, and to use this knowledge to find the ideal solution possible for you and your family. There are some mortgage lenders out there that just want to make money, and this kind of profiteering becomes a quantity over quality operation. We’ve focused on building a business that empowers our clients and keeps you in charge of your life.

Are you looking for help with your home loans? If so, call and say hello! We would love to speak with you and talk about how Fellowship Home Loans can be there for you. We committed to helping Kim, and we can help you too!

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