We have our NEWEST Sweepstakes Winner!

In case you’re not familiar, Fellowship Home Loans runs a mortgage sweepstakes that cannot be beat! The Blessed recipient, who is drawn at random, has their mortgage covered by us for six months! Yes, that’s six months of no mortgage payments. Why do we do it? Because we want to give back and lend a helping hand when we can.

Just a few days ago, the newest winner was drawn. Mike called them on the phone to deliver the news. You can listen to the conversation below. Although they had a hard time getting a hold of each other, once they did it became apparent quickly that it was meant to be. In this emotional revelation, to win the sweepstakes could not have come at a better time; Lisa has been facing economic hardship and has not been able to pay her mortgage for a number of months.

Lisa was in disbelief, “It’s totally God. I’ve been praying and praying.”

Mike responded warmly, “We know that God works in mysterious ways and sometimes it’s not always the most conventional way. We are ecstatic that this is coming at the right time in your life and obviously it’s all God’s work.”


At Fellowship, we want to serve our community and give to others as a thank you for all that we have been given. We are fortunate and want to spread the love and wealth around as much as possible. There’s no reason anyone should be in need and, as the sweepstakes often reminds us, God leads us to where we need to go. As we say again and again, our clients are not just customers, they’re family. And they should be treated that way.

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