Our 3rd Mortgage Sweepstakes Winner!

We are pleased to announce the next winner of our popular sweepstakes! The third winner of the Home Loans Mortgage Sweepstakes is Megan S. from Pennsylvania.

John from Shine FM gave her a call to deliver the news on air. Megan was ecstatic,

“What a blessing!”

He asked her what this opportunity would mean for her, and she shared her desire to pursue more meaningful work.

“My job right now is not the best, and I’m looking to downsize, and this is all time I can spend working on that, and looking for another job,” she said.

As we have seen through our last three winners of this sweepstakes, blessings can be paid forward in a multitude of ways; from buying groceries and helping with car repairs for neighbors having a rough time, as our first winner did, to flying her family out to see her, like our second winner. And now we are witness to this meaningful change in Megan’s life by giving her the space and freedom to pursue a job that fulfills her.

At Fellowship Home Loans we treat our clients the same way we treat our family and friends: with respect, honesty, and care. Your success is our success and we don’t feel happy until everyone’s needs are met. The spirit of giving really becomes apparent through this sweepstakes, where we have the blessing of giving freely to the people who have impacted us so greatly.

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