Senator Cory Booker calls thoughts and prayers “BS”

When it comes to the issue of gun control, 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee Cory Booker argues that sending thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families is simply not enough. He went as far as calling the idea of sending thoughts and prayers “bulls**” in his latest interview on CNN with David Axelrod.

“And I’m sorry to say it as a man of faith, but I was taught that faith without works is dead”, the former mayor of Newark added.

Evangelical leader Rev. Franklin Graham had some words to say himself about Booker’s comments which he expressed through a Facebook post:

“Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker obviously doesn’t know the power of prayer,” wrote Graham. “He said that thoughts and prayers after gun violence is BS. That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

The Reverend quoted the book of Matthew to further strengthen his argument that more legislation against gun policy is not the solution. In his opinion, spreading the Word of God to eradicate as much evil as possible is the help that this country needs.

“The Bible says, ‘…out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies…’ (Matthew 15:19). Jesus’ words are true, and only He can transform the human heart.”

While Sen. Booker makes a good point by saying action needs to be taken to stop this type of violence, he fails to realize that only implementing more laws is not enough to solve all these problems.  People who choose to commit terrible atrocities against others will find ways to do so.

We, Fellowship Home Loans, are committed to our mission of spreading the Word of God to raise awareness for the victims of these issues. The best way to combat the spread of evil is to spread more Love.

We understand the power that prayer can have not only for small communities, but also for large populations. Together we can come together as a society by spreading more Love than evil.

Written by Joseph Escamilla 5/15/2019

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